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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has determined that lead exposure is a top environmental health threat to children in the United States. Children are the most susceptible population to lead poisoning, particularly from the ages of six (6) months to six (6) years.

Children are exposed to lead in many ways. The most common and most dangerous form of exposure is lead in dust. Children are susceptible to lead dust through "hand to mouth" ingestion, inhalation and direct mouthing of leaded components.

Lead dust is normally caused from chipping, peeling , oxidation of lead paint and lead paint on friction contact surfaces such as doors, door jambs and windows,

Children can be exposed to lead through tap water and lead in soil. Lead water pipes in homes and lead solder pipe joints can contribute to a child's elevated blood lead level (EBL). Other potential pathways of lead exposure include lead containing ceramics, lead toys, lead paint on toys, and exposure to lead dust during renovations.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the USEPA, and local health officials have recognized that the prime source of lead exposure for children is in their own home. Secondary sources for of lead exposure would include the child's daycare center or School, the child's babysitter's home. grandparents and other relatives.

Exposure to lead has caused irreversible neurological and behavioral health effects in children and exposed workers.  To combat exposure, the EPA, HUD, OSHA, State and local regulations have been formulated and require compliance.   ETC can provide lead consultant services tailored to the needs of your facility whether commercial, industrial, institutional or residential. 


Environmental Testing Consultants

Conducts Lead Paint Inspections for New Jersey Rental Properties

Provides lead-based paint and lead in water testing and inspection services throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

ETC Conducts lead inspections using non-destructive state of the art XRF instrumentation

Performs risk assessments to identify lead hazards in surface dust & soil

Performs risk assessments to identify lead hazards in a single evaluation or in conjunction with a lead inspection

Prepares risk assessment reports with appropriate hazard reduction recommenations & cost estimates

Prepares specifications & assists with the evaluation of the removal contractor bid

Performs pre-abatement testing to determine the extent of the documentation needed & to document that adjacent areas are not contaminated prior to abatement activities

Monitors the activities of removal contractors to ensure compliance with all applicable Federal, state and local regulations

Conducts clearance testing certifying the area to be lead safe for re-occupancy

Trains employees on worker protection, operation and maintenance procedures

Provides expert testimony

Two Million dollar professional liability insurance

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